We have three dogs in our home, co-own 4 dogs living with their primary owners, and three retired girls, "Lexi", who now lives happily with my sister and her husband and one of our pups in Louisiana and "Holly" who lives with Ricahrd and Carol here in San Antonio and Rosie who lives with her Granddaughter, Amia, and Liz and Bob in Goldthwaite.
Mojo is our neutered boy who is happy playing the "uncle" to any of our litters.  He is now and has been an uncle 8 times.  
Rosie, Nangard's Rose for Lotta, is 7.  Rosie is a Grand Champion.  She had three litters and is now retired from breeding and is just being a grandma to Amia. 
Holly, her daughter, is 5.  She is a Grand Champion is retired and living here in San Antonio.
Her other daughter Bridget, Grand Champion Forwest's Fabulous Trevi Fountain, has also finished her Canine Good Citizen and Rally Novice and Advanced.  Her health testing is complete.  She is co-owned and lives with Carol Zieris. 
Her Son, Audi,  Grand Champion Forwest's Windmills of Mykonos at Redwine is owned by Bill and JoAnn Redwine
Her other son, Irish,  Champion Forwest's Irish Rose Irish Mist, lives with Eileen in Abilene.
Holly's Daughter, Trevi, Grand Champion Forwest's Totally Bewitched at Primah  has completed her health testing.  She is co-owned and lives with Carole Zieris.
Ouisa, Grand Champion Bedlem's Two Steppin Mamou at Forwest is co-owned with Deb McHugh and lives with me. 
Vader, Grand Champion Bedlem's Steppin on the Darkside, is co-owned and lives in Kansas with Deb McHugh.  You can find both Vader and Ouisa also on the Bedlem Havanese website. 

Ouisa's daughter, Dottie, is 1 point from finishing her Grand Championship.

Champion Kimbriel's Lexus De Oro "Lexi"  My first dog to show and breed.  Lexi was shown by Lois Demers and myself.  Lexi now lives with my sister in Baton Rouge. 

We got her and Mojo at the same time.  Mojo has hip and patella problems and was promptly neutered.  He plays the role of Uncle with all of our pups.

Grand Champion Forwest's Fabulous Trevi Fountain, CGC, RN, RA, "Bridget" was Rosie's second Grand Champion.  She is retired .

Forwest Havanese

​We have 2 new kids starting their show careers.  Primah-Forwest Sizzlin Cuban Fusion.  She started at 4-6 months puppy with a Toy Group 1, followed by Toy Group 3 and finally with Toy Group 1 in Belton Texas.  Thanks to judges Shirley McFadden, Marilyn Pipes and Pamela Wilson respectively and shown by Carole Zieris.  She finished her Championship 

​Forwest's A Little Bit Naughty started her career with a Toy Group 1 at Midland TX in 4-6 months puppy and is currently  a Grand Champion.  Her sister Boo finished her Championship at Glenrose, Tx in Jan 2018. 

Grand Champion Nangard's Rose for Lotta "Rosie"  Was my first to with Co-owner, Nancy Gardner.  She was gracious enough to entrust Rosie into my care and become a great friend as well.  She is the Mom to Grand Champions Holly,  Bridget, Audi, Irish and grandmother to Grand Champion Trevi.






About our Havanese



Grand Champion Bedlem's Two Steppin' Mamou at Forwest, "Ouisa", is my second dog to show from Bedlem Havanese.  Deb McHugh and I co-own her, she lives with me, and was finished with her GrandChampionship at 9 months.  I started her and Lois Demers finished her.