The Havanese breed is the official dog of Cuba. It is small and sturdy dog from the Bichon family. Their coat is soft, silky and light and comes in a variety of colors. They are a great dog for someone who may have allergies with other dogs because they have hair and not fur. The average weight for these toy dogs is anywhere between 7-13lbs and average 8.5-11.5" tall. 

These spirited little dogs have a very loving but curious disposition. They make wonderful family pets and have strong social needs. The Havanese thrive best in homes where they are not isolated for long periods of time everyday. They have a great need for attention and affection, are easy to train and are very willing to please their owners.

Havanese dogs do require  maintenance. If you decide to keep them in a long coat, you will need to  brush everyday to prevent matting or tangling.  As well as bathing on a regular basis.  I keep all dogs not currently being shown in my dogs in  a "puppy cut" just because it is much easier to maintain. Their coats are lightweight and fine and act as a great sunshade in warmer climates but it doesn't keep them very warm in colder weather. They do require extra protection from the cold.  Their ears also need to be checked and kept clean on a regular basis. Bacteria can get trapped in the ears of any breed of dog where the ears fold over (such as the Havanese breed) and can cause an infection. 

This breed typically lives 14-16 years. Some health concerns can arise such as luxating patella, liver disease, heart disease, and retinal dysplasia. Some Havanese tear and cause a brownish stain near or under the corners of the eyes. This is more noticeable on white coats and is not a cause for concern. The Havanese Club of America monitors genetic issues to prevent propagation within the breed. As a responsible breeder, I personally have testing done on the adult dogs that I use for breeding to try preventing passing on genetic disorders. The tests that my dogs must pass in order to breed are as follows: Eye Disease (CERF), Deafness (BAER), Patella Luxation, Cardiac Disease, Hip Dysplasia, and Elbow Dysplasia. These testing results and records are available upon request.About Us and our Havanese

About Us

Forwest Havanese

I’m a well bred, registered Havanese with a profuse and silky coat.  I am slightly longer than tall and will weigh between 10-15 pounds depending on size and bone structure.

I do require frequent grooming although I do not shed, typically do not have dander.  I lose hair like a human does, but I have lots more of it.

I love to play, chase balls, and bark at the birds, deer, and frogs.  We have a great back yard.  I love people!


Welcome to ForWest Havanese, where we do our best to breed happy, healthy, home-raised puppies!

We hope this information will help you determine if a Havanese is the best fit for you, your family, and lifestyle. ForWest Havanese takes pride in breeding high-quality, healthy, pure bred (and well bred) puppies.

On this site you will find information about Havanese and how we came to start breeding these wonderful little dogs. You will also find some of our previous puppies photographs and other information, such as our health testing on Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, AKC Championship, etc. 

We require a questionnaire be completed prior to the purchase of puppies, as well as, a home visit. A great deal of love and care goes into raising our dogs and their puppies and we want to be sure, to the best of our ability, that each puppy goes to a safe and loving permanent home.

Why we are the best dogs ever!

About Havanese

Kevin and I began this venture in spring 2005.  We've had dogs our entire lives.  When we got married we combined his household,  two Maltese,  and my two British cats.  Needless to say it was quite the combination.  Both of the Maltese were petshop purchases and there were many hard lessons learned over the course of their lives.  When we lost our last Maltese, we went in search for a sturdy little "haired" dog.  Our search landed on Havanese.  We visited many breeders and eventually found our first two in Maryland.  We brought home Mojo and Lexi.  We happily let them grow as we were both working and did not have the time to show the dogs.  Then we moved to Texas and our venture and mentoring in showing, breeding and raising Havanese puppies began.  I have great mentors who have coached us through both showing, breeding, and the importance of belonging to Havanese clubs, and working with other Havanese breeders.  I found that I love to show dogs, maybe not always the politics, but am still having fun and learning.   Kevin watches the remaining dogs when I travel, and as he says, "scoops the poop and brings the wallet."  We have a limited number of dogs in our it works best for our sanity, marital harmony, and appropriate attention needed for our very social furkids.

About Us and Havanese